Principal Desk

It gives me immense pleasure as the Principal of Dhanapal P. Khemalapure central school, Bellad-Bagewadi in extending warm welcome to all our students, faculty, staff and our greater school community.
Life in Dhanapal P.Khemalapure School begins form our kids in LKG/ UKG School. These budding talents are with us spreading their fragrance till they appear for the School leaving Examination at the end of class X. During this period their lives are touched and shaped by our caring and highly educated teachers who are well equipped to take up the challenges of modern school education. The teachers play a great role in imbibing in our student’s moral values and principles that help them to emerge as positive contributors to the community as a whole.
We are engaged in the serious business of educating India’s next generation of leaders in academics, business, administration, politics as well as culture.
I am sure that my students have the strength to meet and win every challenge that they face in the process of growing up learning and achieving their targets. I wish them great luck and I hope they have faith in their abilities, retain high enthusiasm and never lose sight of their goals.
The next few pages of the school website will give you a glimpse of life in Dhanapal P. Khemalapure central School, Bellad Bagewadi that is disciplined, rigorous, challenging and above all exciting and very happy.